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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Winter In Ireland

Our climate is noted for being, at best, mild! After quite a good summer, the rain is visiting us more frequently now. Nevertheless, you can get an occasional good day, or even a number of good days together. So therefore don't rule out visiting Ireland in Autumn or Winter.

Right now there is great excitement, not to mention security, as the start of the Ryder Cup approaches. This is sure to boost the tourism industry enormously. But there are many other attractions even during the Winter months. Hill walking is good at any time. Many hotels and castles give excellent value at this time of the year, and around Christmas time if we get a bit of snow (or even if we don't!) to wake up in a castle and look out can be magical. A short stay in an Irish castle can be quite affordable.

Music of course continues throughout the winter months also, with the usual bands and sessions every weekend, and some weeknights, in ubs and hotels. Then there's boating, shopping, fishing, sporting events, or just lazing around! And of course the tourist attractions are open practically 365 days a year.

So if you can't make it in Summertime you might get an even better deal right now!

Slan go foill.


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